Children can enjoy a freshly cooked meal every day prepared in our school kitchen.

Under the Government’s Universal Free School Meals initiative, all children from Reception to Year 2 can enjoy a free school meal every day.  Children in Years 3-6 can opt to have the school meal at a cost of £2.65 per day or bring in a packed lunch from home.

Free School Meals

Your child might be eligible for Free School Meals, free milk, cheaper music lessons, and more. For every child that is eligible for Pupil Premium Funding, Knutsford Primary Academy receives £1,320 to be spent on vulnerable children within the school.

If you are eligible but decide to give your child packed lunches, the school can still receive this valuable financial help so please SIGN UP NOW using the link above.

Census Day & Universal Free School Meals

As you are aware there is a Government Scheme whereby all infant school age children are eligible for a free school meal whilst they are at school. This is called the Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme. The amount we receive each year from this grant is a significant figure for us, which we then use to the educational benefit of all the children at school. We ask you to support our school by participating in a special menu on Census Day.

This grant is allocated according to how many pupils order a school meal on Census Day!

Cookbook Corner

Why not try some recipes with the children from these Cookbooks?

How our school kitchen works

At lunch time children can have either a school meal that is prepared each day in our school kitchen or bring a packed lunch from home. Here at Aspire Academies Trust we always encourage the children to be aware of how important our eating habits are to help us grow, learn, sleep and play. We have placed all our fruit and salads in such a way to make them an attractive choice. The children can have unlimited fruit and vegetables. The daily jacket potatoes/rolls with fillings are very popular. We do not use salt in our recipes and keep sugar to a minimum.

We listen to all our customers, be it younger children or staff and build our menus accordingly. All of our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers with deliveries daily to ensure freshness. Our fish is MSC approved and our meat from Red Tractor assured farms. Our fruit and vegetables come from a local supplier who visits New Covent Garden market at 2am every day…. we simply could not get better produce.

All this ensures that our catering teams stand proudly at the serveries happy to see the children tucking in to freshly cooked, tasty meals. We are fully compliant with the Governments School Food Standards and all our kitchens are 5 star rated.


If you are providing your child with a packed lunch we ask that you do not include nut products, including peanut butter and Nutella, as some of our children suffer from severe nut allergies.

Our school lunch menu caters for children who have dietary requirements but please speak to the office staff if you have any queries.