Accessibility Statement and Plan 2022 (579.6k)
Anti Bullying Policy 2024 (1k)
Attendance Policy Summer 2023 (1.1M)
Behaviour Policy 2023 (1M)
Catch Up Strategy Plan 2020-2021 (615.1k)
Charging and Remissions Policy 2023 (418.8k)
Child Protection Policy 2023 (1.1M)
Children Looked After Policy 2023 (797.2k)
Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy 2023 (466.9k)
Drop Off and Collection of Children Policy 2022 (377.7k)
EYFS Policy 2022 (201.7k)
Equality and Diversity Policy 2023 (789k)
Handwriting and Presentation Policy 2021 (893.9k)
Health and Safety Policy 2023 and Appendices Jan 24 (855.5k)
Home Learning Policy 2021 (418k)
Home School Partnership Agreement 2022 (178.3k)
Intimate Care Policy 2021 (754.1k)
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 Part 1 (397.9k)
Lettings Policy 2023 (231.3k)
Managing Aggressive Behaviour from Parents or Visitors Policy 2021 (352.9k)
Managing Safeguarding Concerns and Allegations Against Staff Policy 2022 (846.9k)
Online Safety Policy 2023 (820.7k)
Privacy Notice for Parents (579.5k)
Privacy Notice for Pupils (576.4k)
Privacy Notice for Staff (331.5k)
Pupil Premium Policy 2022 (719.9k)
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2022 (644.3k)
Remote Education Policy 2022 (792.8k)
Restrictive Physical Interventions Policy 2022 (1.1M)
SEND Policy 2023 Updated October 2023 (816.1k)
SEN Information Report 2023 (605.3k)
Safeguarding Policy 2023 (873.3k)
Safer Recruitment Policy Sept 2023 (389.3k)
Staff Code of Conduct Policy 2023 (744.5k)
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 2023 (953.3k)
Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions Policy April 2023 (3) (1M)
Whistleblowing Policy 2023 (634.3k)

Should you require a paper copy of any of these policies, or any other information on our website, please phone 01923 466020 or email