The school stationery shop is run by volunteers from Year 6 who form our school Enterprise Club. The shop is open every Wednesday morning before school and supplies the items of stationery children like to use at school or home. Parents may also use it to buy their own resources and it is therefore very popular. This year, we have had two dedicated accountants who count and bank the money, keeping a record on a spreadsheet.

At the end of the school year, the Enterprise Club members decide how to spend the profits. They usually decide to spend some on stationery gifts for the school classes and some on buying a charity gift from Unicef. In the past we have bought several ‘Schools in a Box’ which Unicef send out to set up schools wherever there has been war or natural disaster. One year we provided a bicycle so that a teacher in Africa could get to school more easily rather than taking over an hour to walk.

How much money will we make this year?
What good cause will we chose to spend it on?